Honoring the play & movie
by Jonathan Harvey
A Beginner's Web Guide

When this site ceased operating in June of 2002, there were still many other web sites devoted to, or related to, Beautiful Thing. Nearly all have disappeared by now (2018). Even the venerable is gone; the domain now belongs to a company that markets apartments in Singapore! Below are some of the more prominent historical BT sites as they were in 2002. The descriptions are from 2002 as well.
Sites What you will find there... is one of the "classic" BT sites with lots of information, pictures, maps of Thamesmead (for those who want to make a "pilgrimage"), reviews, information about the cast, and even an interview with BT's author, Jonathan Harvey. It is not updated frequently, and its "news" section is dated. A very active discussion forum has been in existence on this site for a long time. It's gone through a few changes recently, though, and the old messages are no longer available. Still, the new forum ( is quite active and well worth visiting/joining.


David Moody's Beautiful Thing site is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, sites devoted to BT on the web. Although not updated recently, it has an amazing wealth of information about BT, including pictures, a guestbook going back to 1996 just after the release of the movie, sound clips and...well, just go see for yourself.


Jamie & Ste's Beautiful Thing is one of the original BT sites. The content is "minimalist," but the affection of the site's owner for BT is very clear. The message forum is no longer functional.


The "Official" Sony site for BT. Sony released the US version of the film, and the site has information about the actors, the production, the director and a wide variety of things BT. A few pictures from BT are available along with three short movie clips (in QuickTime format).


Did Ste really "snog the golly off Jamie?" Ever have difficulty understanding the language in BT - forgetting the accents for the moment? Well, The Ultimate Beautiful Thing Slang List is the place to go for answers. It contains "translations" of the British slang used in both the movie and the play into common American expressions.

The Beautiful Thing Fan Fiction Archive began life here, in this site created by Andy. Unfortunately, the site is no longer available on the web. A replication of it can be found here, but be aware that most, if not all, of the links no longer function. The fan fiction stories are still there (also duplicated in the BT-org library).

This is Eric's lovingly-crafted continuation of the BT Fan Fiction Archive, which was in operation between September, 1999 and September, 2000. The stories, both new and extensions of those from Andy's site, remain available. [Note: all stories from Eric's site and Andy's original site are also in the Fan Fiction Library on]